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Upon rotating my tires I noticed that both front tires on the inside were worn down to the cord, this is after 22000 miles.

I spoke to the Service dept at Wayne Suzuki in New Jersey and they claimed that tires should been rotated more often. Spoke to a reputable tire and alignment shop and they confirmed that this was alignment issue from the factory and not a rotation issues being that they were only worn on the inside of the tire.

The service manager refused to address my concern and quickly hung up the phone and this is the dealer that supposedly rotated my tires and inspected my car every time they changed my oil.

After some research my on a many car owners have had the exact issue.

Spoke to Suzuki Customer Relations department and they gave me the same excuse.

Please be aware of this safety issue with this car and please think twice before buying a car from a WAYNE Suzuki

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Cheshire, Massachusetts, United States #790083

I have a Suzuki Kizashi also, the same thing 18000 miles tires chewed up, Suzuki will do nothing for me, I am so mad, I am keeping the tires on until they are worn. Then I will buy 4 tires and an alignment I hate this car wish I never purchased it.

I have other problems also, went out to my garage and it makes vibration noise when it is not running, the car is off just sitting there. what the heck, of course the dealer says could not duplicate the problem, big suprise.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #762318

Wore out our tires at 14000 on my 2012 Kizashi and put a second set of tires (65000 tread life), just had to replace the front TURE AGAIN! My mileage was 28000.


There is a KNOWN alignment issue with the Kizashi.


Purchased a 2012 Suzuki Kizashi brand new , paint has chipped all over the car and need new tires after only 20,000 miles! My husband is a self employed mechanic and has had customers come to the garage with the same issues!

Although you no longer sale cars in the US...I wouldnt purchase another one nor recommend anyone else to. Its a pretty good running car but it seems that now that you have pulled out of the country, suzuki is not standing behind their products!


How often did you rotate your tires? I have a kizsahi and rotated the tires at 6,000 and 12,000 miles.

Dont think i am having a problem but certainly look more closely now. THanks,


Buy KIA. 8) 8) 8)


Buy KIA. 8) 8) 8)

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