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I have had my vehicle (purchased new) almost 7 years ago. The vehicle is in fantastic shape and working order, and only has 13,000 Miles on it. (I had a company vehicle I used most of the time). The car was kept in the garage the majority of it's life. So needless to say, there is no rust or issues with it's body, which is flawless.

With one exception. The door handles ALL FOUR of them, the paint is peeling to show the white undercoat. Obviously, this looks terrible. I have searched around and found the many other people are having problems in the 06-07 range of Renos and Forenzas with the same problem.

I have contacted Suzuki Warranty Department for assistance. I was told that the paint/corrosion protection warranty is only valid for 3 years, after which it is no longer their problem. I attempted to show them that this is not decent quality if all 4 handles peel and countless others have the same issue, it is obviously a workmanship problem, not a weather or overuse problem.

They told me they would not help me. They told me to find someone to paint it or buy new handles (at about $40 each handle). I am currently attempting to communicate higher up the Suzuki Chain of Command, but to no avail.

I may attempt to get a class action lawsuit together to join all those affected by this defect (of which there appear to be many) in order to fix this issue.

If Suzuki checks this, or others with the same problem, please email me at

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I have the same problem and it looks terrible. Also my hubcaps all peeled away as well

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