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What has happened here these people are bankrupt,and all of a sudden my 2012 equator has become virtually ''worthless''.I bought this truck in march of 2012,and from here on out all my hard earned money will go up in smoke,because when I go to trade this vehicle off I lose big time because no one will want a truck that is not made anymore,and these promises of honoring our warranties ,well after they go bankrupt will be just that, empty promises,we've heard this ''song and dance'' before.I've been a loyal customer,(this my 3rd suzuki),I've paid every monthly payment on time,and this is the thanks I get,also suzuki let me say this,not this time I for one will fight for justice

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Hey Man Im with you on that one. I have a year old Kizashi and the value of the car tanked as soon as these news hit the pages.

I went to try to trade in and the offers that i received are ludicrous.

Ill be fighting as well. :(

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